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Genefill ATT Technology

May 11

The core of Genefill is defined by the Advanced Thixotropic Technology (ATT), which determines how gel molecules behave during and after injection to ensure the most desirable qualities of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers: a smooth application and strong stability degree.
Hyaluronic acid, which is the primary element of the biphasic range of Genefill dermal fillers, is a naturally occurring polymer found abundantly in the cellular matrix of the tissue. Due to its extremely biocompatible and biodegradable nature, the life of this HA in its most naturally occurring state is very short. In order to prevent a futile case of cosmetic treatment, the ‘Advanced Thixotropic Technology’ was developed and patented by BioScience GmbH that can safely delay the degradation of the HA gel in addition to the commonly utilized cross-linking methods.
ATT allows for a special type of synthesis of the Genefill gel. This primarily helps the gel to become less viscous under pressure bearing the injection force substantially and immediately returning to its original viscosity when the pressure is no longer applied. The gel in this way is prevented from breaking down and getting exposed to excessive enzymatic degradation.

Injection with Genefill Gel
The Genefill gel molecules do not break during the passage through the syringe, under the injection force.
Standard Injection
Other gel molecules break down during the passage through the syringe, under force.
Thixotropy-based products guarantee considerably better results in terms of increased volume, outstanding treatment goals, and enduring effects. The patented technology further equips Genefill products with:
• Longer Duration
The Genefill gel’s molecules are covalently bonded ensuring that they remain in the tissue longer. Additionally, the special structure of these thixotropic molecules also reduces the diffusion rate of the enzyme hyaluronidase, resulting in a longer-lasting gel.
• Stable
Due to the covalently bonded molecules of the Genefill Gel, they are harder to disintegrate making them significantly more stable.
• Easy to Inject
By having the ability to become less viscous under the injection pressure, the Genefill gel is easier to inject into the skin tissue. This equips the doctors with the ability to keep high control on the procedure like the placement of the product, quantity injected, etc.
Source: https://genefill.com/