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Our Story

Hamade Trading Company: Leading the Lebanese Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Since 1995, established by the visionary founder Mr. Kamil Hamade, revolutionized the Lebanese aesthetic and beauty industry with a unique, empathetic, and human approach. Recognized as one of the top aesthetic-medical companies in the region, Hamade Trading introduced renowned international brands such as Vagheggi, Silhouet Tone, Laukrom, Stage Make-up, and Ellipse I² PL to the Lebanese market. We provide premium-quality cosmetic and aesthetic products, medical devices, and equipment. In 2011, Mr. Ali Rida Hamade took over as general manager, continuing his father's legacy by bringing cutting-edge innovations in aesthetic medicine. He secured exclusive licenses for top international brands like Genefill, Pbserum, Institute BCN, T-lab, and Neuramis. Today, Hamade Trading Company is dedicated to providing the latest beauty and medical aesthetic solutions, establishing business relationships with thousands of doctors and offering top-quality medical products and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality products drives our success and makes beautiful faces smile.

Building Loyalty and Trust

In my practice, I perform a wide variety of Aesthetic and medical procedures. I have learned that besides education and skills, great equipment and products also play a major role in achieving satisfactory results. I have been dealing with Hamade Medical since 2013, and I can happily say that they are the best I have worked with in the industry. They have a variety of advanced, safe, and effective products and instruments. I also admire the devotion to excellence that they never fail to prove. I salute their efforts and wish them the best because they are the best.

Dr. Ibrahim Jebai

Building Loyalty and Trust

A professional work relationship that is built on support, trust, commitment, and goal achievements.

Dr. Farah El Chaer


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