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Vagheggi DL Lip Plumper

Vagheggi DL Lip Plumper

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Luxury anti-age: firming and lifting
DL is a line of products for the face and body, where the rarest ingredient is found in the most advanced research into perfect equilibrium in the blend of new-generation active ingredients, each very light and with its own specific purpose, with captivating fragrances to accentuate the sensation of well being.
Lip Plumper gives your lips the voluptuous look you desire, packed with firming and lifting ingredients, the carefully blend increases lipsÂ’ moisture and volume.
Vagheggi Beauty DL Lip Plumper is the must-have to achieve the effect of fuller, healthier lips, restoring collagen and giving you delicate definition for that perfect pout.

Presentation: 15 ml
Body part use: Face
Treatment: Firming and lifting