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Vagheggi DL Sleeping Beauty Cream

Vagheggi DL Sleeping Beauty Cream

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Luxury anti-age: firming and lifting
DL is a line of products for the face and body, where the rarest ingredient is found in the most advanced research into perfect equilibrium in the blend of new-generation active ingredients, each very light and with its specific purpose, with captivating fragrances to accentuate the sensation of well being.

Luxury anti-age: firming and lifting
DL Line
A cream that transforms the night into a time for facial skin regeneration. Thanks to chronobiological research, a precious plant-based complex cancels out the worries that leave their mark, while you sleep. Two cutting-edge biotechnologies are combined to create an intensive treatment: the nanotechnology of heptapeptide-9 nano-conjugated with gold particles, and the plant stem cells of the Buddleja davidii (Butterfly Bush) to boost tissue vitality and elasticity with a final revitalizing, redensifying and deep anti-age effect.

Presentation: 50 ml
Body part use: Face, Body
Treatment: Firming and lifting