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BCN Oculare - Peptides

BCN Oculare - Peptides

The BCN Oculare-Peptides formula has been specifically developed to attack directly the main unsightly manifestations of the eye contour: eye bags, dark circles, and emotional wrinkles (crow’s feet). BCN Oculare-Peptides has been specially designed to be a complete treatment for the eye contour, thanks to the combined and synergic action of the two types of advanced active ingredients in its formula: the new generation peptides and the classical non-peptidic ingredients by Institute BCN. BCN Oculare-Peptides achieve spectacular results in this delicate area of the face, returning a fresh, rested, healthy and luminous appearance

Presentation: Vial | 3 ml | 0.105 fl.oz. | Box of 5 vials | Mesotherapy serum
Body part use: Face
Treatment: ANTI-AGEING

Warning: Store in room temperature
Cautions: Allergy to one of the components