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BCN Scalp

BCN Scalp

Its formula combines diverse kinds of ingredients, acting on different levels and steps of the hair growth cycle. The activity of its components follows the required rules to establish cellular regeneration systems and skip the common unbalanced hormonal and glandular conditions during men's or women’s hair loss. It induces vasodilatation that seeks adequate perfusion of the cells of the hair bulb optimizing the delivery of nutrients. The content of high concentrations of B group vitamins ensures complete nutrition of the dermal papilla as well as a proper metabolic function. Its chelating action prevents the effect of the abundant metals in the telogen phase and protects the structures attached to the hair follicle that reinforce all the capillary structures.

Presentation: Vial | 5 ml | 0,176 fl. oz. | Box of 5 vials | Mesotherapy serum
Body part use: Hair
Treatment: HAIR LOSS

Warning: Store in room temperature
Cautions: Allergy to one of the components