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BCN Tranexamic Acid

BCN Tranexamic Acid

Tranexamic Acid helps to reduce and prevent the appearance of hyperpigmentation and improves the appearance of both resistant dark spots and translucent reddish spots caused by surface blood vessels. The results of applying it can be observed, therefore, in multiple aesthetic pathologies, from melasma, solar lentigos, or senile hyperkeratosis, to rosacea, through to post-acne marks or those caused by certain aesthetic treatments. In all cases, Tranexamic Acid achieves a unique depigmenting, whitening, and mattifying effect that restores uniformity and luminosity to the skin, making it currently one of the leading lighteners for blemished skin.

Presentation: Ampoule | 2 ml | 0.07 fl.oz | Box of 10 ampoules | Mesotherapy Serum
Body part use: Face
Treatment: ANTI-AGEING

Warning: Store in room temperature
Cautions: Allergy to one of the components