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ST 250

Designed by specialists in permanent hair removal, the ST 250 electrolysis machine with its 250 programs, fully microprocessor controlled, delivers performance and results like high-end devices. The Blend ST 250 is the ideal permanent hair removal device for all electrologists. It offers quick and easy access to all preprogrammed settings.

Specifications: -4 Thermolysis modes.
-5 Blend modes (automatic UL calculation).
-250 integrated programs to choose from.
-2 memory functions.
-Choice of pedal or no pedal operation (insertion delay).
-Variable insertion delay mode.
-Dual timer (Chrono or true time mode).
-Insertion counter (number of hair treated during session).
-Hydration test.
-Accessories self-test.
Body part use: Hair
Treatment: Hair removal
Application: Electrolysis