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Pbserum Lift+

Pbserum Lift+

The Pbserum cosmeceuticals line contains as active principles the first recombinant enzymes of bacterial origin, with proven efficacy, which guarantees visible and prolonged results in a short time and from the first application.
Lift+ is an intensive firming enzymatic treatment, it is a tightening and firming enzymatic treatment against body flaccidity.

Presentation: 5 vials of sterile lyophilized powder
5 vials of sterile reconstitutive solution
Body part use: Face, Body
Treatment: Flaccidity and stretch marks.

-Collagenase GH PB220
With a visible and lasting effect, it promotes the regeneration and synthesis of a new collagen network in the dermis, intensely firming the skin.

-Vitamin C
Antioxidant; illuminates the skin and promotes collagen synthesis.

Flash effect lift, increases skin tone and firmness.

Warning: Only to be used by an authorized medical personnel
Cautions: Store at room temperature, protect from light, and do not store after opening
No preservatives