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Pbserum Drain+

Pbserum Drain+

The Pbserum cosmeceuticals line contains as active principles the first recombinant enzymes of bacterial origin, with proven efficacy, which guarantees visible and prolonged results in a short time and from the first application.
Drain+ is an intensive enzymatic treatment for tissue drainage. It is a draining and anti-water retention enzymatic treatment.

Presentation: 10 vials of sterile lyophilized powder
Body part use: Face, Body
Treatment: Edematous cellulite and fluid retention

-Hyaluronidase PB3000
Enzyme that acts by degrading the polysaccharides responsible for fluid retention, increasing tissue permeability and improving microcirculation.

Warning: Only to be used by an authorized medical personnel
Cautions: Store at room temperature, protect from light, and do not store after opening
No preservatives