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Pbserum Firmness Daily

Pbserum Firmness Daily

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The Pbserum cosmeceuticals line contains as active principles the first recombinant enzymes of bacterial origin, with proven efficacy, which guarantees visible and prolonged results in a short time and from the first application.
Pbserum Firmness Daily is an effective, intensive, professional 2 weeks program, for home use, it visibly removes signs of aging, such as weakening of facial contours and loss of skin elasticity.
Contains 14 cocktails of innovative lyophilized active serums and patented enzymes.

Presentation: 14 two-chamber bottles and 2 applicators
Body part use: Face
Treatment: Uplifting firming action
Application: Gently apply and massage into skin every morning and evening, until completely absorbed

Smart Peeling effect, eliminates the excess of dead cells without causing irritation, improving the texture of the skin and promoting the penetration of other active ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin.

It is a natural antioxidant with an immediate lifting effect. Improves the tone and
the elasticity of the skin, reducing expression lines.

-Vitamin C
A powerful antioxidant that prevents and delays the cellular aging process. Stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, improving its firmness and inhibiting melanin production, reducing the appearance of spots and providing luminosity to the skin. It also helps treat small inflammatory processes.

-Hyaluronic acid
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has the ability to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Fills in wrinkles, and fine lines and improves cell cohesion, by inhibiting transepidermal water loss.

-Collagenase GH PB220
Promotes the regeneration and reorganization of collagen fibers in the dermis, improving the texture and appearance of the skin as well as increasing its suppleness and tonicity with a powerful firming effect.

Warning: Topic use, not injectable, not ingestible, and avoid contact with mucus and eyes
Does not contain any declarable allergens
We recommend the use of sun protection prior to sun exposition
Cautions: Store at room temperature, protect from light, and do not store after opening
No preservatives