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Pbserum Acne Daily

Pbserum Acne Daily

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The Pbserum cosmeceuticals line contains as active principles the first recombinant enzymes of bacterial origin, with proven efficacy, which guarantees visible and prolonged results in a short time and from the first application.
Pbserum Daily Acne is effective, intensive, professional 2 weeks program, for home use, aimed to take care of oily, combined, and acne-prone skin.
Contains 14 cocktails of innovative lyophilized active serums and patented enzymes.

Presentation: 14 two-chamber bottles and 2 applicators
Body part use: Face
Treatment: Anti-acne and repairing action
Application: Gently apply and massage into skin every morning and evening, until completely absorbed

Smart Peeling effect, eliminates the excess of dead cells without causing irritation, improving the texture of the skin and promoting the penetration of other active ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin.

-Vitamin A
Works in synergy with keratinase to reduce hyperkeratosis and promote cell renewal. Reduces the excessive production of sebum which is responsible for acne breakouts. Stimulates the production of endogenous collagen and helps to maintain correct moisture levels in the dermis.

-Vitamin E
A lipophilic antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals caused by UV radiation and other external agents. Stimulates cell growth in the dermis and increases water retention at the cellular level.

-Vitamin C
A powerful antioxidant that prevents and delays the cellular aging process.
Stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, improving its firmness and inhibiting melanin production, reducing the appearance of spots and providing luminosity to the skin. It also helps treat small inflammatory processes.

Warning: Topic use, not injectable, not ingestible, and avoid contact with mucus and eyes
Does not contain any declarable allergens
We recommend the use of sun protection prior to sun exposition
Cautions: Store at room temperature, protect from light, and do not store after opening
No preservatives