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t-lab Microlyzer SVF Kit

t-lab Microlyzer SVF Kit

Introducing the MICROLYZER SVF KIT: Not just for Fat Grafting, but a genuine SVF Isolation for regenerative therapy. With this kit, you can efficiently obtain a high mesenchymal stem cell population without the need for enzymes, making it both faster and more cost-effective. Experience the regenerative effects safely with T-LAB.

Presentation: -BOX 1 : LIPOASPIRATION
Lipoaspiration made very easy and comfortable with our aspiration syringe with unique locking fins, Single Use Cannula, sterile centrifuge buckets and special decantation apparatus.

Our 4 special 10cc syringes convert into tubes in two movements, after which they are ready for centrifugation.

Thanks to the unique technological feature of the Microlyzer, which is far superior to mesh and plastic filters, the release of stromal cells is optimal.

The SVF layer is easily separated from the oil and collected using two 10ml special tubes and a long needle, What’s more, with a 41micron cell filter, the passage of particles that are larger in size than cells is prevented.
Body part use: Face, Body