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t-lab Exomine Regenerative Kit

t-lab Exomine Regenerative Kit

Exomine Kit facilitates the release of billions of vesicles by stressing platelets and a minimal amount of other blood cells within PRP. Simultaneously, through its special protocol and devices, it activates platelets, providing a plasma rich in platelet-derived exosomes.

EXOMINE, with its broad applications in aesthetics, orthobiological, and therapeutic interventions, proves to yield effective results in various fields such as skin regeneration, hair loss treatments, spot treatments, joint and connective tissue therapies, and non-healing wounds. This versatile product demonstrates efficacy across diverse domains within the realm of medical aesthetics.

Presentation: Microlyzer Blade Technology
Microlyzer 600µm, with its specially designed blades and structure, induces stress on blood cells, leading to the release of billions of vesicles. It also plays a crucial role in the activation of platelet cells.

Advanced PRX Tube
T-LAB, through collaborative efforts with its highly skilled research and development team collaborating with specialized medical professionals, has developed patented and uniquely designed “Advanced PRX Tube" as a result of studies aimed at enhancing vesicle release of blood cells of specific size and weight. With its special internal design, the product facilitates the release of billions of vesicles, activation of platelet cells, and settling of a very small amount of other blood cells in the pellet.
Body part use: Face, Body