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t-lab Dermomine Kit

t-lab Dermomine Kit

Introducing Dermomine: a revolutionary solution for regenerative therapies without the need for fat extraction. By utilizing post-auricular tissue, Dermomine offers a viable autologous solution rich in cellular content. Ideal for facial rejuvenation, trichology, hair growth, burns, and surgical scar treatment, Dermomine ensures optimal results. The obtained sample can be mixed with saline and/or PRP, then processed through the Microlyzer 600?m for enhanced cellular vitality. With thousands of specially designed blades, Dermomine maximizes cell yield and vitality, providing unparalleled outcomes for regenerative treatments.

Micro Graft Technology?
It offers a system where you can perform your procedure using only the Dermomine Kit, without the need for any device. Microlyzer 600 ?m, which has thousands of blades, provides ease of use, and there is micro-graft technology that can achieve high cell count and vitality.

Microlyzer 600 ?m
Thanks to the thousands of specially designed blades inside, the tissue pieces removed from the blades and free the cells around the micro. Thus, it maximizes the number of cells and their vitality.

Microlyzer 150 ?m
With the released cell suspension, unwanted fibrotic tissues are broken down and become injectable. To prevent this situation and to ensure safe injection, the tissue suspension is passed through Microlyzer 150 ?m once and the unwanted tissues are filtered out.

Presentation: -1 Sterile Luer-Lock Transfer
-1 Microlyzer Filter 150 ?m
-1 Microlyzer Filter 600 ?m
-2 Syringes 1 ml Luer-Lock
-3 10ml Luer-Lock Syringes
-2 Hypodermic Needles 30G x 13mm
-1 Sterile Biopsy Punch 2mm
-1 Surgical cloth
Body part use: Face, Body
Treatment: -Facial rejuvenation and renewal
-Elimination of wrinkles and sagging
-Increase skin glow
-Post-transplant hair growth
-Burn treatments
-Treatment of surgical scars