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Pbserum Low

Pbserum Low

The only recombinant enzymatic system.
Last-generation enzymes.
Ready-to-use, easy-to-apply and minimally invasive device.

It modifies tissue mechanisms to reshape and rejuvenate the patient’s face.

Presentation: -1 pre-filled syringe with 1.5 mL of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
-1 lyophilized vial of recombinant enzymatic system.
-1 vial of restorative liquid.
Body part use: Face, Body
Treatment: Designed for facial reshaping

Collagenase PB220, Lipase PB500 and Lyase PB72K*

*Enzymatic system with the same concentration of the three enzymes.

Warning: Only to be used by an authorized medical personnel
Cautions: Store at room temperature, protect from light, and do not store after opening
No preservatives