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The RMD is a unique rejuvenation system that aims to satisfy the need to improve one’s wellbeing by significantly reducing the signs of aging through non-invasive, non-surgical means. Our device is designed to distinctively support the treatment of skin texture, the smoothing of age-related expression lines, the tightening of pores, and the toning of facial and neck muscles.

The RMD is proven to firm sagging muscles, increase local blood and lymph circulation, stimulate fibroblast activity, increase the synthesis of new collagen, repair existing collagen and regenerate the homeostasis of skin cells.

Specifications: -Anti-aging system of its kind.
-Combinations of exclusive integrated technologies for skin and muscle firming.
-5 exclusive technologies in one device.
-Effects on the dermis, epidermis, and muscles.
-Painless non-invasive treatment.
-Independent of your skin color.
-Achievable throughout the year.
-Does not require prior preparation of the skin and without anesthesia.
-Does not require post-treatment cooling.
-Ergonomic handpiece.
-Easy to use, modern design.
-Designed and manufactured in North America with a high-quality after-sale service.
Body part use: Face
Treatment: Skin rejuvenation
Application: Microdermabrasion