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Vasculyse 2G RF

Vasculyse 2G RF

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The appearance of vascular and non-vascular cutaneous imperfections can now be improved without discomfort thanks to the thermocoagulation device, the Vascu Lyse 2G RF. This thermocoagulation system designed for beauty professionals can offer your existing clientele new and remarkable care that allows visible and immediate results. This device is used on all skin, men or women.
Your clients no longer have to endure the unsightly and unpleasant vascular imperfections.
Vasculyse 2G RF thermocoagulation is a product of recent innovations in the field of electronics. It produces perfectly targeted “heat energy” resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the capillary vessels resulting in the instant disappearance of blemishes. After treatment, tiny temporary scabs may appear to regenerate the treated area.

Specifications: -Next-generation Thermocoagulation technology.
-Automatic selection of settings (preprogrammed modalities).
-Upgradable (as new programs are available).
-Light, compact portable system.
-Optional pedal control.
-Touch Screen control.
-User friendly.
Body part use: Face
Treatment: Removing unpleasant vascular imperfections
Application: Thermocoagulation