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How to Get the Perfect Buttocks

October 15

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian might share many things in common. Still, one of them especially can stand out when it comes to physical appearance: a big difference in the waist- to hip ratio enhanced by sculpted and voluminous buttocks.

Indeed, this has perpetuated a big trend in today’s cosmetic market: “the butt is the new breast.”

Interestingly, working towards achieving the buttocks of your dreams will not only boost your confidence but also there are many health benefits of having big buttocks.

Advantages of having big buttocks
1. A straighter posture
Having a big butt helps to lengthen the hip flexors, maintaining body alignment and thus maintaining good posture. On the other hand, small hips and buttocks prevent proper posture, especially when sitting, which is what causes back pain.

2. Good cholesterol levels
According to some research, women with voluminous buttocks are less likely to suffer from diabetes or hypertension, or dyslipidemia. This is because they all have higher levels of good cholesterol and lower levels of bad cholesterol. Thus, they are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

3. A less sensitive to pain back
The buttocks are the strongest muscle of our body. Consequently, a large buttock helps protect our back. On the other hand, when the buttocks are thin, the leg joints involve other muscles during walking. These are the ones that cause back pain.

How to achieve the perfect buttocks?
Now that you know all of the benefits behind toned and rounded buttocks, we will explain how to actually get there.

There are various ways to achieve your desired butt:

The butt is a muscle, so a perfect way to start off with this growing journey is by working out. A personalized routine tailored to your physiological needs is the perfect formula to target the butt area.

There are some must-exercises that you need to be doing to improve your legs and butt overall.

Squats, Deadlift, Lunges, and Hip Thrusts, are one of the many exercises that focus on the butt and legs, promoting a rounded and lifted effect on your buttocks. We highly recommend you consult a trainer to teach you the proper technique to execute these exercises so that you don’t injure yourself.

As always, diet has a significant role in our health and physical appearance. If you are looking to achieve a better-shaped and rounded butt, you probably either have to gain more muscle or lose some fat in that area. By eating a healthy diet and implementing greens, healthy fats, protein, and carbs, you will notice a difference in how your body looks and feels.

Aesthetic Procedures
Getting the buttocks you desire is not something you can get in one day, a week, or even months. It takes hard work, consistency, and discipline. For those who can’t find the time, life gets busy, and genetics are not in your control; there are some ways of getting the figure you desire in a shorter amount of time.

Invasive solutions for buttocks augmentations
- Brazilian Butt Lift
The famous Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as “BBL,” is a procedure that requires surgery. In this type of procedure, liposuction is performed in several areas of the body to obtain the necessary amount of fat to insert in the buttocks. The result will be a slimmer silhouette thanks to liposuction with voluminous and defined buttocks thanks to lipofilling.

Note that surgical procedures might come with the risk of complications such as infection or bleeding, and downtime from the patient is required.

- Implants
Implants for buttocks augmentation is another surgical procedure that consists of implants filled with a cohesive silicone gel that makes them very strong. The surgeon chooses the size and shape of the prosthesis, taking into account the original appearance of the patient's buttocks. Note that surgical procedures might come with the risk of complications such as infection or bleeding, and downtime from the patient is required.

Minimally- Invasive Solutions for buttocks augmentations
On the other hand, there is a way of achieving prominent buttocks without having to undergo surgery, with minimal downtime, and with quick and long-lasting results; and that is thanks to Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

For those who are very familiar with hyaluronic fillers for the face but not so much with those for the body, Genefill has a range of fillers that have been specially formulated for targeting some body areas such as buttocks, hip dips, calves, hands, and other concave deformities.

This is a simple body contouring procedure for achieving a bigger butt. Injecting genefill hyaluronic acid injections in the buttocks of the patient immediately adds volume, contour and hydration to achieve an uplifted effect overall and improve the skin quality and texture.

Genefill Contour Plus is the perfect solution to add volume to more expansive body areas, i.e., buttocks. Thanks to its high-quality hyaluronic acid body contouring filler, it provides a prolonged duration and a safer outcome for the patients since Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance already found in our bodies.

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